Dino Crisis, a captivating survival horror game that made its way onto the Sony PlayStation in 1999, brought players face to face with prehistoric beasts in a tense and gripping narrative. While the heart-pounding escapades were challenging, there were a few cheats and unlockables to help gamers ease or enrich their experience. In this post, we’ll delve into the myriad of secrets hidden in this dino-dominated world.

1. Cheat Codes:

Full Ammo: While the game is paused, press R2, Down, L2, Up, L1, Circle, R2, Triangle. If entered correctly, you’ll hear a confirmation sound. When you resume the game, Regina will have full ammunition.

Unlimited Ammo: Hold R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 and press Triangle, Triangle, Right, Circle, L1 + L2. If entered successfully, you’ll hear a confirmation sound, and when you resume the game, you’ll have infinite ammunition for your weapons.

Danger Room (Debug Room): This is a special debug room where you can get items, change game settings, and jump to different parts of the game. At the title screen, press Select, L1, L2, R2, R1, Square, Triangle, Circle.

2. Unlockable Costumes:

Dressing Regina in different costumes is just one way to add a touch of freshness to repeat playthroughs.

  • Army Type A and Army Type B: Complete the game once, and these outfits will be available during your next playthrough.
  • Ancient (Dino) Costume: You will need to finish the game twice to unlock this whimsical costume.

3. Special Weapons:

Packing some extra heat is always beneficial when up against fierce dinosaurs!

  • Grenade Gun: To get this handy weapon, simply save Tom by giving him Hemostat in the Facility and he will reward you with the Grenade Gun.
  • Custom Handgun: Complete the game once and the Custom Handgun, which is essentially a Glock 35 with a laser sight, will be available in the save game box during your next playthrough.

4. Different Endings:

There are three distinct endings in Dino Crisis, each determined by choices you make in the game.

  • Ending A: Save both Gale and Rick.
  • Ending B: Save only Rick.
  • Ending C: Save only Gale.

The choices you make during gameplay, such as deciding between Gale’s and Rick’s plans, will determine the characters’ fates and subsequently, the game’s ending.

5. Operation Wipeout Mode:

Complete the game once to unlock Operation Wipeout, a mini-game where you must defeat a set number of dinosaurs within a given time limit. It’s an exhilarating experience for those looking for some added challenge and action.


Dino Crisis not only captivates with its story and gameplay but also rewards players with cheats and unlockables to enhance replay value. Whether you’re looking for a stylish new costume, powerful weaponry, or just an additional challenge, there’s something in Dino Crisis to keep you coming back for more. Happy hunting!

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