Sequels in the gaming world can often be a hit or miss, but with Dino Crisis 2, Capcom continued the dinosaur-filled mayhem while incorporating more action-packed gameplay. Released for the Sony PlayStation in 2000, this game was filled with bigger beasts and even greater challenges. To help you tackle the dinosaur onslaught and explore the depth of this thrilling game, here’s a list of cheats and unlockables available.

1. Cheat Codes:

Extra Dino Duel Dinosaurs: To unlock new dinosaurs in Dino Duel mode, buy all the characters (including the secret Triceratops and the Compsognathus) from the character purchase screen. Then, hold R1 and press Up(x2), Down(x2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, Triangle at the main menu.

Combo Cheat: To reset your combo counter, if you’re about to get hit and lose your combo, simply press Select to bring up the map, then exit the map. Your combo counter will remain intact, letting you build it up further.

2. Unlockable Game Modes and Extras:

Dino Coliseum: After you complete the game once, you’ll unlock the Dino Coliseum. Here, you’ll have the chance to battle against a range of dinosaurs one on one.

Dino Duel: Once you’ve bought Rick, Gail, and the Tank for the Dino Coliseum, the Dino Duel mode becomes available. In this mode, you can battle your friends with your favorite dinosaurs.

Extra Crisis: Unlock all the endings of the game to get access to the Extra Crisis modes, which provide two additional game scenarios to enjoy.

3. Unlockable Characters and Dinosaurs:

For Dino Coliseum/Dino Duel Modes:

  • Rick: Obtain a “T-Rex” rank (collect all the Dino Files).
  • Gail: Successfully complete Operation: Wipeout.
  • Tank: Purchase all the other characters and dinosaurs for the Dino Coliseum/Dino Duel.
  • Triceratops and Compsognathus: Purchase all three endings of the main game from the “Extra Crisis” menu.

4. Weapon Purchases:

After completing the game once, you’ll get the option to purchase weapons at the start of a new game. This is done using Extinct Points which are earned based on your gameplay performance. Some of the notable weapons you can purchase include:

  • Solid Cannon: 100,000 EP
  • Fire Wall: 40,000 EP
  • Chain Mine: 25,000 EP
  • Submachine Guns: 18,000 EP

5. Tips for Earning Extinct Points:

  • Combos: Try maintaining a hit combo. The longer the combo, the more points you earn.
  • No Damage: Aim to complete sections of the game without taking damage for bonus points.
  • Dino Files: Collect all of these for a significant bonus.


Dino Crisis 2 offers a perfect blend of survival horror and action, with challenges that keep players engrossed. These cheats and unlockables further enrich the gaming experience, whether you’re a returning player or just discovering the game for the first time. Get ready to dive deep into this dino-rampage and make the most out of every adventure!

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