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Troubleshoot FPS drops in pc


New Member
Nov 19, 2020
The first step towards diagnosing performance drops is to monitor your system while gaming. You can use the tool of your choice, but I personally like the MISI afterburner with Rivatuner enabling in-game overlay. You can configure it to monitor a lot of different system parameters while you're playing.

You should observe the following: CPU usage, CPU frequency, CPU temperature, GPU usage, GPU frequency, GPU temperature, RAM usage, and storage usage.

If you notice that the components are spending a lot of time using 100%, operating less than the expected frequency, or operating at high temperatures, you can further investigate that component.

While monitoring your performance, verify: your PC is dust-free and all fans are rotating properly, your display is plugged into your and not on your motherboard, and no programs running in the background are turned off.