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Recent content by Terramax

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    Replaying for Nostalgia

    Ah, cool, thanks. What I'm looking for is how to create darts using items. I can't remember if it was possible or not. I'm sure it was, as I recall playing through the entire game using just darts.
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    What did you think of Dino crisis 2

    They basically did with DC as what they later did with the RE series - turned it into an all out action game. On the one hand it was fun, but also somewhat bizarre that they're supposed to be on isolated area with no human life, and yet you could go up to machines and exchange random points for...
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    Things that baffle us

    *Regina sees a dead body. A man ripped literally to pieces and his guts and organs spread across the ground* (Causually) "That's disgusting." Apparently, this kind of thing is just a littke ickie for good ol' Regina. EDIT: Oh yeah, and when I first had this game, I genuinely couldn't tell if...
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    Replaying for Nostalgia

    Old post is old, but I guess it's the most relevant so I'll post it here. Well, I'm new to the forums. I owned he first Dino Crisis when it first came out all those years ago and played it to death. I had already experienced RE1 and 2 but this game was something else. What with the game being...