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  • Sawp Steve-o. Hate to be a nag but would it be possible for you to get rid of the edit limit over here aswell, pretty please with a cherry on top?
    When I get a hold of some "methods" ; ) and get access to Dino Crisis 1+2 I was thinking of doing a Let's Play. Any ideas? Want to get in on this in some shape or form?
    If nothing else I can at least post it to fill up some thread space. Forewarning: my voice was not built for commentary. I've got mad monotone, bro. Love the new home page, by the way. <3
    'eyo. What's going on with DMC, REN, and GV? I keep getting redirected to the home page when I try to go to the forums. =(
    Also, bit of good news. I found a grease monkey who'll put a decent PC together for me in exchange for a handle of liquor. Give it a few weeks and we'll be L4D2ing away (if you still wanna)!
    Steve, I'm currently weeping all over my keyboard because I can't update the text under my name. Can you fix it? Or better yet, use your cheat codes to change it into something creative? Please, Steve. Do it for the tears.
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