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Recent content by Forerunner

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    There needs to be a thread here - anyone played it?

    I play the game every now and then. There is Third Energy in the game - in the future it's been stabilised to the extent that it's a reliable ship's reactor. They also mastered pin-point precision teleportation as well. That's why the dinosaurs come out of portals in the middle of rooms -...
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    Things that baffle us

    It's the scene early in the game where Regina finds Gail looking over the corpse of a guard who's missing the lower half of his body.
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    Things that baffle us

    In the Japanese script, she actually says "…お気の毒", meaning literally "...pitiful", but also used to express sorrow at something unfortunate (like saying "I'm sorry" when someone's relatives die). Given the ellipses we're only seeing a fragment of a larger sentence. Maybe "[how] pitiful". She...
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    Dino Crisis 3 - more connected to the franchise than you'd think

    Yeah, I run the Wiki. Since he was associated with Resident Evil 2's success, and was selected for writing the scripts to Resident Evil Zero; Veronica and Resident Evil 4, Shinji Mikami wanted him to work on Dino Crisis 2, which he was producing (along with CV and RE4). Sugimura wasn't in the...
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    Dino Crisis 3 - more connected to the franchise than you'd think

    Sugimura was a professional TV writer known for his work on Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. He was brought into Capcom by Yoshiki Okamoto (of "1942" fame) in 1997 to give insight into how the Resident Evil 2 (or 1.5) script should be fixed. He ended up rewriting the entire thing. He then founded...
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    Dino Crisis 3 - more connected to the franchise than you'd think

    In researching Dino Crisis, it's clear to me that Noboru Sugimura did not intend for a series like Resident Evil, opting more for a series of unrelated events with new characters. Sugimura joined the franchise with writing Dino Crisis 2, and continued with Dino Stalker and Dino Crisis 3. The...
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    Dino Crisis 'Manhua'???

    In the years before Capcom's big overhaul (when the Production Studios were abolished), they gave licenses to Hong Kong-based artists to print comics to advertise their new games. Most of them had little to do with the games they were advertising, and often ended up being about magic. Resident...