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Feb 14, 2012
So you've decided to join us. Fab! But what in the name of all things chocolatey do you do next? For some of you, this style of forum will be a cinch thanks to already being members on the other sites in our network. But if you're brand new, or just want a refresher course of sorts, then this thread is for you.

1. Logging in.
If you're using a shared or public computer, you may want to make sure you log out at the end of each session to prevent your account being used by someone else who may not be as cool as you. If you want to stay permanently logged in so you don't have to keep typing in your name and password every time, then check the little box on the log in page that says "stay logged in". Simples!

2. Organising your profile.
You can put as little or as much detail on your profile as you wish. If you want your birthday, name, location, favourite cheese and ideal partner specifications on show to the world then go right ahead in the appropriate boxes. If you'd rather just be known as a forum enigma, keep it simple. For security reasons please don't put your actual address or phone number on show - not only is that incredibly stupid but it's also incredibly stupid. You can, however, let people know your online contact details such as Skype or Facebook and the like.

3. Grab an avatar and signature.
Make yourself pretty to look at (but keep to the rules about size limits and inappropriate content, of course) - we recommend using an image host such as or photobucket.

4. Manage your privacy options.
Sometimes we just don't want every Tom, Dick and Harry to be gawping at our awesomeness. So make sure you take a look at the privacy options concerning your profile and arrange the settings accordingly.

5. Making friends...or not.
The community is very friendly (some may say inappropriately so!) but there may occasionally be one or two other members who just get on your nerves. And that's ok - you probably annoy them too. But what we don't want is fighting and nastiness going on so there are some options for you to take advantage of. Firstly, you can ignore people by selecting the "ignore" link on their profile. You can also change your own settings so that only people you follow can view your profile or contact you in private. Blocking and ignoring is very handy but be aware that once you have ignored a person, you will not be able to see what they have posted in a thread which can make it all a bit confusing, so use it sparingly.

However, if you want to be friends with someone then you can hit "follow" on their profile and stalk them as much as you like - if they don't follow you too then it's not because they hate you - you're probably just scaring them. Or they hate you. Whichever...

6. I like you.
Think what someone has posted is cool/right on/outrageously inappropriate but at the same time hilarious? Then hit the "like" button at the bottom of whatever they have posted. If you change your mind later, you can hit unlike - but you probably won't ever use that option. Bear in mind that your name will be visible to all as being the person who "liked" something. Worth noting: if someone hits like and you disagree with them liking a post, then get over it. Unless that person is liking a post that says "Hitler is a god - we must all be like him", it's not really worth getting your knickers in a twist over it. By all means contact the member in question if you really feel the need to talk it through but otherwise just accept that people like different things. Shocking, I know...

7. Trophies!
What the heck are these? Well they are little forum awards based on things like how many posts you make, how many followers you acquire and how many likes you receive. When you achieve a trophy, you'll receive an alert telling you about it and ultimately making your e-penis grow to epic proportions.

8. Gold account? What is this I don't even.
If you really like the community and want to support it even more then you can spend a few dollars to become a lifetime subscriber which will put your name in gold and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. There are no special areas provided with gold membership that regular members miss out on - we're not about exclusivity here. It's just one way some people choose to express their support. It's entirely up to you and is not mandatory in any way, shape or form. Whether you choose to go gold or not, you still get the same level of accessibility and internet cake so it's all good. Except the fruit cake. You cannot honestly trust a cake that can remain in a tin for up to 2 years without going bad. It's just wrong on so many levels...


No doubt I'll add more crap here when I can remember and be bothered to do so, but this should start you off. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me or ask any of our wonderfully helpful members - most are familiar with XenForo (the software used for this forum) by now and can point you in the right direction. If you can think of anything that ought to be added here, PM me and I'll try not to claim all the credit. But I probably will.
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