Driving pet peeves!

La Femme Fatale

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Feb 13, 2012
You know what annoys me - all other drivers apart from myself! For those of you who must get behind the wheel every once in a while, give me your list of things people do on the road that annoy you!

1. When you park your car, do whatever you have to do, come back to the parking lot to find two massive vans/SUVs parked beside you, despite the rest of the lot being near empty. This makes backing out needlessly difficult.

2. People who will stop traffic in one lane and take five minutes to successfully parellel park on a busy road. There's paid parking a couple minutes up, walk you lazy toad.

3. People who will wait behind you for your parking spot. This is particularly irritating if there are other spots close.

4. People who will cut you off in traffic and proceed at a speed significantly under the limit.

5. People who are up your ass on the highway, despite the fact you are already doing 15-20 over the legal limit.

6. People who go miserably slow, and then when you move to the left lane to pass them, they catch themselves driving that slow so they'll speed up. I'm guilty of this admittedly but I get annoyed when others do it.

7. Old people. I'm sorry. Some people just need their licences taken away.

8. People who text while driving, or even look at their texts.

9. Downtown Toronto.

10. People who drive outrageously slow along an on-ramp. The rest of us need to merge too, asshole.

11. People who don't have the right-a-way, but go first anyway. Yield signs are not suggestions, dipshit.

12. People who jaywalk. What if I wasn't paying attention? You'd be road-kill.


Mar 19, 2012
1. Mom in car while I'm driving... "OH MY GOD YOU'RE GOING TO KILL US..." Is all I hear. It get's so annoying because I know I'm driving just fine and she grips the car handles like I'm going to wreck every 5 seconds. -_-
2. Old people.
3. Friends who promise they aren't messed up, but then go "LOL I'm so high" and drive you somewhere... then you feel like jumping out of the car is your only way to survive...


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Feb 14, 2012
Ah, driving. What gets out the best worst in civilized people...

1. People overtaking and leaving little space between the vehicle they are overtaking. Especially when the road is slushy or muddy.
2. Pedestrians walking across the street pretending they have the right of way. You only have the right where there are marked crossovers assholes. Die at your own peril.
3. Cars parking too close. Keep some distance so we both can open our doors safely. See all that unused parking space, idiot?
4. Old punks (>50).
5. Young punks (<20).
6. Punks who uses fog lamps when not needed, blinding meeting traffic.
7. Truck drivers from east Europe, they usually have poor tires and are a constant traffic hazard during winter.
8. Campers (summer problem). I know we have a beautiful nature, but keep your eyes on the road so you can drive at normal speed, or make stops.

What? That's hardly something people do... :p