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    Because my internship starts by next Monday, I'll take another rest from these forums.

    Because my internship starts by next Monday, I'll take another rest from these forums.
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    A remake of the first or DC 4?

    Microraptor is a good candidate; from both an aesthetic and gameplay perspective, a Dino Crisis remake can include it as a counterpart to the Biohazard series' Crow.
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    A remake of the first or DC 4?

    In light of Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, Capcom has announced a desire to revive it's dormant IPs; accounting this, I'd say there's a significant chance of Dino Crisis remake.
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    Dino Crisis Hidden/Beta stuff

    I appreciate you providing an online page of assets that were unused in the 1st Dino Crisis game; before, I barely paid attention to unused assets of the videogame.
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    Will Jurassic World Help Dino Crisis?

    I'd say positive reception of Jurassic World is a step in the right path but public enthusiasm for dinosaur fiction somehow needs to gather steam beyond Jurassic World for Capcom reviving Dino Crisis.
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    Things that baffle us

    I didn't notice sexual tension in the scene of Gail holding Kirk at gunpoint in Dr. Kirk's lab. If there was sexual tension between Gail and Dr. Kirk, my conviction is Capcom would have already publicized information about it. After all, RE2 (a game that showed sexual tension between Leon and...
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    What are you thinking?

    I just looked up the word pension and technically got a $76 paycheck instead after finishing Giant
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    What are you thinking?

    I'm filing for retirement from Giant this week because of me being occupied with new classes for private school (which will help me towards my goal of becoming a game developer).
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    What are your favorite foods/drinks?

    Pizza is rich in Saturated Fat, a nutrient that gets negatively criticized by mainstream or should I say the lamestream media.
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    What part(s) scared you the most?

    Having that T-Rex pop out in the Chief's office must have laid the foundation for Nemesis T-Type coming into the RPD.
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    A remake of the first or DC 4?

    Makes sense, especially because that upcoming Lego Jurassic World game is in the same genre (Action-Adventure) as Dino Crisis.
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    What are you thinking?

    Now that I'm done with this private school semester, it's now time to wait for my Observational Drawing class grade being posted online by the teacher.
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    What are you thinking?

    Tomorrow is my last day of Observational Drawing class for this semester; If a sufficient grade is given to me, then that means I'll be able to move on to 3 classes for my private school in the next quarter. When I start taking 3 classes at private school, it'll require me to retire from Giant.
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    What are you thinking?

    I wish there was a Donate button for this site because it'd be my pleasure to contribute at least $5 for the sake of keeping it alive.
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    What are you thinking?

    Taking into account how the "you're banned" game is supposed to be a non-competiive game, it'd be ridiculous for her to exhibit a competitive attitude while playing such a game.